Friday, May 16, 2008

Constipation and Bloating Intestinal During Pregnancy

During your first week of pregnancy you may experience this physical discomfort, it's natural so don't worry :)

The intestinal bloating

Linked to intestinal fermentation, they can be reduced by eating small bites, and avoiding certain foods (turnips, corn, fried, sweet desserts, cakes, candies, cauliflower, cabbage, pulses, beans, asparagus etc.)..


It is very common during pregnancy, encouraged by the hormonal changes and that causes a lowering of intestinal contractions.

To remedy this, food must be balanced and include foods rich in cellulose fibers: fruits, vegetables or bread. An abundant moisture is also needed: drink enough water.

Be careful not to take stimulant laxatives or irritants. If necessary, it is preferable to use mucilages or laxatives and lubricants. Small enemas are sometimes necessary. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor.


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