Monday, May 12, 2008

The Care Of Newborn

The arrival of a baby is disrupting the lives of parents. A big fear is not properly taking care of the baby. But with patience, tenderness and a minimum of information, the task is accomplished with happiness. Here are some tips for taking care of the baby.

The umbilical cord

Generally, the baby tends to lose the umbilical cord between the 3rd and 12th days of his arrival in the world. To avoid any possible infection, it should be washed with water and soap at least once a day.

Once dry, cover the cord with a sterile tape to which you add alcohol to 70 degrees. The strip must be changed whenever necessary.

Once the umbilical cord fell, continue treating the umbilical scar in the same way until the band become completely clean. This happens usually the fourth or the fifth day.

It is important to monitor the appearance and smell of the umbilical cord. If redness, secretions or bad smells, it is necessary to consult the pediatrician.

Clean body

The newborn must be washed daily. Prepare a water bath at 36 ° C and use a neutral pH soap specifically for baby. The room temperature should vary between 22 and 24 ° C.

Maintain a perfect hygiene by making a change diapers and frequent cleaning of the area. After cleaning, apply a protective cream on the skin of the baby.

Baby cloths

The clothing of newborns must be comfortable and wide to enable it to move around freely.

Opt for clothes in cotton, wool can cause irritation in the skin.

The newborn catches cold easily in the first few days. This requires that these clothes are adapted to the temperature climate.


The baby's nails should be cut frequently with care to avoid it from scratch. Complete this task when he is asleep in order to prevent any risk.

The room

The Chamber of newborns must be quiet and well illuminated. Try to ventilate each day.

The bed

For the bed of the newborn, choose a firm mattress, without pillows or toys inside.

Take care not to cover it excessively and not to cover their heads during sleep.

It is recommended that babies spend the first 6 months in the bedroom of their parents, it facilitates breastfeeding and care during the night.


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