Sunday, June 15, 2008

The First Three Symptoms of Pregnancy

The hormonal disruption caused by pregnancy can cause some early symptoms which one the most common of them is a missed period.

1st Symptom: Late period
The cessation of period is the first sign the most obvious. However, many women have irregular periods due to hormonal problems, making the sign a little less reliable. A delayed period will therefore not necessarily indicate a sign of pregnancy. Also, you can get pregnant after having several rounds without rules.

The period generally occur 15 days after ovulation when an egg is not fertilized. However, it can happen to a woman to have a cycle without ovulation. If your menstrual cycle is regular, the absence of period can be a sign of pregnancy.

2nd Symptoms: Larger and more sensitive breast

This is one of the first metamorphoses of pregnancy, your breasts are suddenly tougher and more voluminous. They are also inflated that two or three days before your period but also more painful, especially on the sides. Take a shower or sleep on their stomachs can become a true ordeal. The nipples take a darker color. Sometimes small protrusions called Montgomery's Tubercules can appear.

From the beginning of your pregnancy your breast is preparing to feed your child and to produce milk. Remember to change your size bras, the breasts have no muscles to support them when they become too heavy.

3rd symptoms: nausea and vomiting

Again, this is not an exclusive signs of pregnancy. Indeed, these symptoms usually occur only after a few weeks of pregnancy and can strike at any time, usually around two months. They are often accompanied with morning sickness.

Two scenarios arise, or you swallow everything that you fall under the hand, or you'll be sick having to eat certain foods.
Pregnancy can cause discomfort, comparable to seasickness, what to eat is still the best remedies. The challenge will be to choose your food. You may be surprised to see your favorite foods turn into food torture. It is also recommended to eat balanced.

Even if these symptoms are very revealing, they can not alone confirm a pregnancy. A pregnancy test and above all a confirmation of your gynecologist will give you a confirmation.


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