Thursday, September 25, 2008

28th Week of Pregnancy


The uterus is measuring 28 cm now. It pushes your other organs magnifying making up the diaphragm and expanded last ribs. 

You may experience bloodstream varicosities problems and veins may appear on your legs because the return of blood to the heart is less well. Have some cold water on your legs. 

You may be inconvenienced if your baby was returned because it will be kicking in your chest. 

Your heart rate has accelerated (12 beats per minute). 

You will feel tired earlier in the day because you burn calories more quickly. 

Your baby 

It is possible that he’s already upside down. It measures 35 cm and weighs 1.150 kg. His body takes a more rounded. 
His lungs are approaching maturity, blood vessels are developed. The respiratory movements are well coordinated, and the pace is constant. 
It now able to regulate its temperature itself with fatty deposits. 
Hair and nails continue to grow. 
If it is a boy, the testicles are descended into the scrotum. 

Good to Know

Elevate your legs at night to facilitate the bloodstream and walk during the day to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy

You can slowly begin to prepare the room for your baby.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

27th Week of Pregnancy


You took 400 g during this week.
Your uterus continues to grow, your stomach is under pressure. This results in burns and lift acids.
It may shrink regularly several times a day as it prepares for delivery. Your stomach is tough and you can feel some small contractions, they are not painful.
Your other organs, except liver, have also grown.
Under the effect of hormones you may have bleeding at the gums. Brush your teeth twice a day.

Your baby

This week your baby is viable but it is better to keep warm because it is still very vulnerable. It measures 34 cm and weighs 1 kg.
His head now has a good proportion compared to the rest of his body and his face is that it has almost at birth.
He has an eyelashes and eyebrows, he can open his eyes because the membrane covered eyelids was split.
The connections between neurons are made and the nerves in the brain will become coated with myelin (action will continue for almost twenty years).

Good to Know

It's time to start being prepared for childbirth, it is better to start early. They will help you learn to breathe and to do good muscles work.

Adopt a normal pace of life so as not to cause premature delivery and do not practice too violent activity.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week 26 Of Pregnancy: 28 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

You take more and more weight (about 400 g per week and between 1 kg and 1.2 kg per month). Half for you and half for your baby.
The fatigue is still being felt and your back pain will increase.

Your baby
It is now 33 cm and weighs 870 g.
This week the bronchial tubes have emerged but the lungs are not mature until after birth.
It swallowed more amniotic fluid (which is renewed every three hours) and will reject a large amount in the form of urine. The volume of liquid will decrease as baby grows.
Her skin thickens with grease, it is red because of the small blood vessels that travel.
It will begin to open its eyes and distinguish variations of light.
The ivory of his teeth is covered with enamel.

Good to Know
Sit and make napping as soon as possible.
eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, so you will also avoid having urinary infections.
Ventilate your mind and exercise (walking, swimming, gymnastics), the sport will have a beneficial effect on your back, your pelvic muscles and your abdominals.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 25 Of Pregnancy: 27 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

Fatigue will begin to be felt. Your heart rate will accelerate because your uterus presses your ribcage. You'll also be less momentum.
You may have insomnia because your belly begins to interfere with you and your baby will have a pleasure to move while you try to rest.
You may suffer from constipation and recovered acids because progesterone slows digestion.

Your baby
It measures 32 cm long and weighs 750 g. Its growth slows but is much more regular basis.
The bones begin to harden and fat begins to form under his skin.
The nerves are formed and he is now able to cry.
His pace of sleep is more regular, but it is still not yours.
The brain continues its maturation and cells that compose prolonged by the axons and dendrites.

Good to Know
Your doctor will make a gynecological and obstetrical assess, it will check the movements of your baby, the height of the uterus… and will prescribe a blood test.
Continue to pay attention to your weight and especially rest.
Lie on your left side if you have a physical discomfort, they are caused by a compression of the vena cava (which ensures the circulation of blood to the heart) by your baby.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 24 Of Pregnancy: 26 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

You took 6 to 8 kg and your waist size has increased from 8 to 10 cm, continue to monitor your weight (no more than 400 g per week), your belly is increasingly imposing.
The uterus is about 24 cm tall. You can feel some contractions because your uterus is preparing for childbirth.
Increasing your blood volume can cause dizziness, do not rise too quickly.

Your baby
It now measured 30 cm and weighs 650 g. It moves a lot and he happens to knock the walls of the uterus.
It reacts to touch and sound, his hearing has been developed, it perceives the noise inside (heart beat, respiration) and external (voice, music…)
Her eyes are starting to open up, they are blue.
His lungs continue their development.

Good to Know
Begin slowly to establish a list of equipment you need for the arrival of your baby.
Stretch your hands on the belly and legs folded when you have contractions.

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