Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chances Of Getting Pregnant Fast

Some site claim that they will give you quick tips on how to get pregnant faster or tips to double your chance of getting pregnant fast, but in reality if you're in a normal healthy women there is two important factors that you should be careful about them. First it depends on you and your partner's level of fertility, then it come on what time of the month you're engaging in intercourse, this is really important because in this period the woman is fertile, also know as the ovulation period.

Women tend to ovulate mid-cycle; however, it is more accurate to say that they ovulate fourteen days before menstruation. Women have been known to ovulate at any time during their cycle, including during menstruation, although this is unusual. In terms of conception, fertility depends on three factors: a healthy egg, healthy sperm, and favorable cervical mucus. A woman ovulates once a cycle. The egg lives twelve to twenty-four hours and then disintegrates if not fertilized. Under favorable cervical mucusconditions (cervical mucus nourishes and guides the sperm, which would otherwise die in about a half-hour or never reach the egg), sperm can survive as long as five days within the body.

I will try to give you more information in my next post, but these two factors are really the more important for getting pregnant fast.


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