Sunday, May 11, 2008

Your Baby Has Trouble Falling Asleep? Avoid Drugs!

The hydroxyzine, known as atarax, is now sold as hypnotic as a syrup for children who have difficulty falling asleep. In the latest issue of the journal Prescrire, its editors denounced the side effects of treatment among younger, and a packaging unsuited.

"The effectiveness of hydroxyzine is not demonstrated while side effects are numerous and sometimes serious convulsions, somnolences daylight, hypersensitivity reactions…" Nothing really glossy sum. As for packaging, it does not meet the basic needs of security, since it is a product intended for children. "The bottle is not equipped with a plug-security, which exposes them to increased risk of poisoning. The oral syringe is graduated in millilitres while the dosage is expressed in milligrams, which raised fears of overdoses by mistake conversion. " In reality to deal with problems falling asleep in children, it is better to strengthen the health advice that "expose them to dangerous drugs".

Source: Destination Health


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