Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pregnant Vacation

You are pregnant, not sick! You should enjoy your vacation. But without forgetting the words master of your future programme: caution and restraint

The mother is not sick, and when her pregnancy was proceeding normally there is no reason to prohibit physical activity "reasonable". Don't conclude that a shift of 500 km in a modern car on the motorway will cause dramatic interruption of a pregnancy without history!

Arrange to travel "comfortable". Stretch your legs, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and preserve you heat. A stop every two hours - also extremely advisable for any driver - you will also promote your traffic by 10 to 15 minutes walk in the shade. And if you're tired, or near term, take the train or plane. However, remember that the course of the 8th months passed, airlines would not accept you on board ...

Be Careful

Do not try tennis or volleyball on the beach. Not only because of Waterfalls they may lead, but also because of their "sports arrest" brutal. It is better you indulge in activities to a continuing nature that promote the training of muscles long and looking for endurance. Prudence and moderation, therefore, there is no shortage of exciting activities to help you preserve your workout without unnecessarily shake Baby!


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