Monday, May 5, 2008

Sex During Pregnancy

Can I have Sex during Pregnancy? the short answer is Yes and No :D

It depend on your pregnancy, if it is a normal or a risky pregnancy, but sex is considered safe during all stages of pregnancy, this doesn't mean you'll necessarily want to have it, some women can feel uncomfortable as doing it and some have more desire of it, this desire fluctuates during certain stages in the pregnancy, In this context some studies indicate a second-trimester increase, preceding a decrease in sexual desire.

Despite there sexual desire some couples worry about whether having intercourse will hurt the baby or wonder if the baby can feel it. In a normal pregnancy you don't have to worry about this because the baby is protected from the thrusting of sex by the amniotic fluid in the womb and by the woman's abdomen.

The Safe Way:

Pregnant couples should adapt their sexual positions. After five months, resting on the back can decrease the blood supply to the uterus. Sex positions such as side positions that support the abdomen or with her on top --- which doesn't put pressure on the abdomen --- may be safer. Of course, pregnant women should always avoid lying directly on their abdomens.

It is better to contact your doctor if you're unsure whether sex is safe for you and you should keep communicating your desires with your partner for any questions or concerns about sex, during and after a pregnancy.


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