Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fungal Vaginal Infection

Seven women out of ten suffer at least once in their life vaginal fungal infections, a common condition during pregnancy. How to overcome? What are the risks for the baby? All the answers to your questions.

In most cases, vaginal fungal infections are nevertheless particularly annoying on a daily basis.

An ideal time for the emergence of fungal infections

The vaginal fungal infections are caused by a proliferation of fungi often in small numbers in the vagina. They are characterized by itching local inside or at the entrance to the vagina or tingling at the vulva. The vaginal secretions become white, viscous and very abundant. The emergence of these fungal infections is promoted by the hormone disorders that may occur during periods of rule, menopause and especially when you are pregnant.

Indeed, the significant increase in estrogen and progestin during pregnancy causes a change in the vaginal wall, weakening the local immunity. Moreover, this hormone secretion disrupted changes the composition of vaginal secretions and promotes fungal infections.

In fact, it is mainly during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and during the period following childbirth that the risks are greatest.

Each fungus has it treatment!

It is important to understand that each fungus has it treatment. No need to call your best friend who had exactly the same thing 3 months ago! The therapeutic care is different depending on the type of fungus responsible for the infection.

It is essential therefore to consult his gynaecologist for receiving appropriate treatment. Most often, it will consist of a cream and an egg. During pregnancy, it is imperative to remain vigilant against the many drug-indications in this delicate period.

Every day it is vital to keep an intimate hygiene package! Use a neutral soap and non-fragrant. Also Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, they lead to the emergence of wetlands because not enough ventilated. According to the same principle, be sure to dry you out of the shower and not keep your wet bathing suit for too long on you.

A vaginal fungus poses no risk to the healthy development of the fetus. However, your child may find themselves infected during childbirth. It is therefore essential to well treat its pathology and follow the advice of your doctor!


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