Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cramps, Bleeding, Abdominal Pain

It is cumbersome pelvic, sometimes very acute pain at the pubis when the woman looks forward for example, or it makes certain movements. Sometimes, it also suffers from back pain, gluteal, sciatica (behind the thigh), which hinder the walk. They are usually due and to distensions ligament, especially those ligaments of the uterus due to its increasing volume, to inconvenient and painful they are, these pains are not serious.

Bleeding and cramping can occur frequently in the first trimester of pregnancy also known as implantation bleeding and may not be a sign of problems. This type of bleeding is usually a bit earlier, spottier and lighter in color than a normal period and doesn't last as long and they are normal pregnancy symptoms that can occur anywhere from 6-12 days after possible conception.

Here is a quick list of this symptoms:

The muscle cramps

Mainly located in the lower limbs, they are more frequent during pregnancy. They are harmless without gravity.

The joint pain

The pain of all kinds can also occur late in pregnancy, they disappear after delivery.

The back pain and backache

The back pain may occur sooner and increase considerably after the sixth month. They grow depending on the number of pregnancies and age. They are due to both the hyper lordosis, the overload disc and ligament tensions.

They enjoy the rest lying, epidurals infiltration of steroids, rather than anti-inflammatories which are against-listed in the first 3 months of pregnancy and low recommended in recent months.

Quick Solution

Back pain can be improved by massage and physiotherapy, and gymnastics can be a useful adjunct.

Be Careful!

Heavy bleeding with back pain can be a symptom of miscarriage and several other problems like molar pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies and should always be reported to your doctor, this is a critical period for your pregnancy and you should be careful.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Week 17 Of Pregnancy: 19 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

Your uterus continues to develop and this time, your belly has finally rounded. You will no longer conceal your condition and will be proud to show it.
Your intestinal transit still works in slow motion.
You may feel an increase in your libido during the second quarter.

Your baby
It measures 19 cm and weighs 200 g and continues to move much within the amniotic cavity.
Her skin is still thin and transparent; all the capillaries that run are visible.
The nerve fibers of the spinal cord begin to surround himself with myelin( the fatty sheath that lead to nerve impulses).
Sex is now sufficiently formed and can be seen with the ultrasound.

Good to Know
It is time to renew your wardrobe, prefer trousers or skirts with elastic and adjustable height.
Eat foods rich in fiber.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 16 Of Pregnancy: 18 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

You will begin to feel your baby move.
Your uterus size is about 15 cm tall, you may feel small contractions because your uterus is in childbirth state.
You may be prone to constipation due to a slowdown of intestinal transit.
You can see the emergence of a mask of pregnancy (brown spots on the face and body) which disappears after childbirth.

Your baby
It measures 17 cm and weighs 160 g.
The ears are at their final place, his eyelids are still closed but the retina is already sensitive to outside light, it will therefore protect his eyes with his hands if it is too intense.
His body is covered with a thin duvet that fall at birth.
His intestines are starting their work.

Good to Know
Eat fiber to avoid constipation.
Protect yourself from the sun to avoid the appearance of the mask of pregnancy.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Late Pregnancy Risks

Late pregnancy from 38 years according to medical terminology must be very well monitored. Doctors are particularly vigilant to certain diseases that can complicate your pregnancy or have an impact on your future baby.

I will try to show you the most common risk that is associated with late pregnancy

  • The more you are older, the more you are exposed to hypertension and its complications, such as pre-eclampsia (syndrome involving high blood pressure, edema and presence of protein in the urine) or a detachment of the placenta. A hypertension is the cause of your baby having a low weight.

  • The gestational diabetes (which occurs during pregnancy and then disappears) is characterized by an excess of sugar in the blood. Its frequency increases after 40 years and giving rise too high weight of the baby. If necessary, a diet is then advised (calorie reduction with sugars).

  • The risk of prematurity is higher (multiplied by 1.7 compared to the general population) because the uterus has a poorer ability to endure pregnancy. The solution: the rest.

  • At this age too, uterine fibroids are more numerous. But in most cases, they do not disturb the course of the pregnancy.

  • The risk of trisomy 21 increases. At 25 years, it is 1 per 1250 births, 40 years from 1 to 110, and 45 years of 1 to 30. Amniocentesis, which can be achieved from the 15th week, will remove doubt.

  • There are two times more cesarean sections at this age because the uterus is less contractile and the collar and less flexible. They are perfectly controlled by the surgical team.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 15 Of Pregnancy: 17 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

You are going to be breathless.
Your uterus has the size of a coconut.
Your hair and your nails will be more beautiful, this is due to hormones.

Your baby
It was now 16 cm from head to toe and weighs 135 g.
It moves a lot and you can feel that you are already a mother, a little patience then.
The cells are formed in each of lung lobes s but his lungs are not functioning yet, they are now filled with amniotic fluid and can be observed by there rapid and irregular movements of his chest that rises and drops to enter and expel liquid.
His hair continues to grow and it begins to grow on its skin, allowing it to maintain its body temperature constant.

Good to Know
This week you will spend your second mandatory prenatal visit during which your doctor will check weight, tension, smooth pregnancy, marital status of the cervix, blood test
Do not give up the sex, progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, stimulates desire.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week 14 Of Pregnancy: 16 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


You'll be in better shape this week and you will have better mine.
Your nipples become more salient and you can have a yellowish flow at the breasts: colostrum
Your heart must make additional efforts to ensure the bloodstream (flow of 5.5 liters of blood per minute, 4 in normal times).

Your baby
It was now about 14 cm long and weighed around 100 g.
His legs and his arms are in balanced proportions.
The heart beats 110 to 120 beats per minute.
He can move his eyes and eyebrows but he cannot yet open its eyelids.
His intestine that was wrapped around the umbilical cord will return to the abdomen.
It will slowly begin to kicking that you can not even feel.

Good to Know
Eat light and not too acidic because your uterus going back may have an impact on digestion.
Drink plenty of water to produce amniotic fluid and facilitate the increase in blood volume.
Watch your weight.

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