Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Week of Pregnancy Symptoms

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial period in pregnancy, since here the woman might feel sick and exhausted, and may even be advised bed rest.

Most pregnant women do not have any specific signs or symptoms of implantation, although it is not uncommon to experience light bleeding at implantation or cramps but this is normal unless there is spotting or bleeding as well, you should take that seriously and contact your doctor.

During your pregnancy first trimester you may experience morning sickness, dizziness, and leg cramps that occur due to low levels of calcium and other vitamins, even thought that all vital nutrients can be found in your diet, there are a few crucial nutrients like vitamin D, calcium and vitamin B9 (that is proven to limit fetal neural tube defects and birth defect.) that your diet is likely lacking and are necessary for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

So take your vitamin and contact your doctor if any problem appears because most miscarriages occur during this period.


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