Monday, June 9, 2008

Week 6 of Pregnancy: 8 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

This week physical discomforts are more and more frequent under the influence of hormones that have reached their maximum rate. You can therefore be subject to small discomforts (especially in late morning), constipation, excessive salivation, poor blood circulation (walk at least 30 minutes per day).

The areola of your breasts enlarge, and the venous system is more apparent. Your uterus grows and you'll often want to urinate because it relies on your bladder. Above all, avoid overwork because the risks of miscarriage are still present. It usually manifests itself by blood loss and pain in your lower back.

Your baby
You can not even feel it but at this stage your baby moves already. The majority of its organs are made; it is approximately 10 to 14 mm and his weighs is 1.7 g.The head of the embryo is huge and represents nearly half the volume of his body.Her face begins to take shape, his tongue, nostrils and mouth is apparent. His eyes and ears internal develop. The vertebras that form the spine are undergoing formation and his fingers are starting to take shape.

Good to Know
Avoid intense physical exertion because at this stage the embryo is not yet hooked to the uterine wall. Practice therefore sweet sports such as swimming, walking, yoga…


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