Saturday, June 28, 2008

Contractions And Bloating

You are expecting a baby since only a few weeks, you're on your puff… except that from time to time, you feel a kind of tension in the belly, or, more rarely, a dull ache, quite bearable, a little reminiscent of those of your menstrual period. They are contractions. To have the heart net, it's easy: put your two hands on each side of the navel and press gently, hands well flat, as if you wanted to test the flexibility of a mattress. If your stomach is hard everywhere, it is a contraction. 

During the first quarter, the future placenta secretes large amounts of estrogen, hormones that promote contractions of the uterus. From the fourth month, however, the rate of progesterone - whose mission is to relax the uterine muscle - increases and overrides that of estrogen. That is why expectant mothers generally have fewer contractions in the second as the first quarter.

In practice, every woman is unique, and some mothers may feel more in the second quarter that the first three months… So should they worry? If contractions are infrequent, less than ten a day, and painless, there is no need to consult your doctor. Some mothers lie without precaution or fall sharply, with the stroke of a kidney, strongly requesting their abdominal and uterine… responds by contracting. This is the normal reaction of a muscle! ".


Shami said...

HI iam 27 constantly feeling something in my stomach i donno exactly my period is due 3 days
am i pregnant ??

Sara said...

Hi Shami, some external factor like stress,mood change... can influence your period due date. Wait 3 more days and take a pregnancy test to be sure.

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