Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Week 8 Of Pregnancy: 10 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

Discomfort related to pregnancy are starting to diminish (bloating, heartburn, constipation ...).
Your uterus grows and uterine fibers become longer and elastic. Col softens and becomes more flexible in anticipation of delivery.
You can also feel pain and cramps because your uterus compresses your organs during his development.

Your baby
All his organs are practically formed at this point it measures 3 cm and weighs about 3 g. He almost looks human and his brain develops very slowly. Her little heart beats, it can be heard through the Doppler, the left and right side are now quite distinct.
The head stands up and takes a rounded shape. The hands and feet have their final form, fingers and toes continue their development .The vital organs are now well in place, namely the heart, brain, lungs, liver and intestines, but they are still very fragile.
The face, palate and jaw are formed and the genitals are growing but are not yet differentiated.

Good to Know
Remember to make your first ultrasound to check if your baby is normal.
To prevent stretch, hydrate your body and watch your weight. Moisturize also you skin and avoid exposure to the sun .


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