Thursday, June 5, 2008

4th Week Of Pregnancy

The volume of the uterus has increased. From the size of a fig before conception, to the size of a mandarin. It presses the bladder that causes frequent urination. For most women, nausea (especially in the morning on an empty stomach) and irrepressible desire to sleep during the day (especially after lunch) ... for several weeks.

Your baby
This is the beginning of organogenesis, the establishment of organs. The disc embryonic wraps itself on itself to become a cylinder. The embryo looks like a small bean and measure 5 mm in the 28th day. His weight has increased by 10 000 (it weighs less than a gram!) Since Day 1. It fleet in the middle of the amniotic cavity, connected by the umbilical cord.

Good to Know
Do not panic if small bleeding occur. They may be due to erosion of blood vessels of the uterine lining. Call your doctor if they are accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. They may be a sign of a miscarriage.


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