Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week 5 Of Pregnancy: 7 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


Your breasts are hard and continue to grow. Small symptoms of pregnancy are present, namely nausea, tiredness …
You are hypersensitive, anxious and go suddenly from laughter to tears.
Your digestive system works more slowly with the consequences of bloating, heartburn and a bad digestion accompanied by constipation.

Be patient all these small problems will disappear within the next few weeks, they attest to the smooth running of your pregnancy.

Your baby
It continues to grow and is about 6 mm. Its members are beginning to grow, arms and legs get longer. The eyes and ears form, we also saw small holes in the nostrils, lips and tongue.

His heart has doubled in volume and starts to beat regularly but two times faster than an adult. The sides of the brain begin to develop.

At this stage of development your baby is very vulnerable because the formation of its principal organs (stomach, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and liver) is nearing completion. Be vigilant and do nothing that might affect your baby.

Good to Know
Eat (vegetables, fruit, bread), drink plenty of water and walk to help digestion.


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