Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week 11 Of Pregnancy: 13 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


Your stomach starts to round up. Your uterus continues to grow, he now has the size of a grapefruit, you can feel a pressing in your belly.

Your heart rate is accelerated; six to eight beats per minute.

At this stage there is virtually no risk of miscarriage.

Your baby

It was now 8 cm and weighs about 30 g.

The first bones appear (the bones of the pelvis and ribs) and spine develops.

The head is still big, it represents one third of the body. The nose emerges in the middle of the face and chin and nostrils open.

The vital organs are formed and most of them work.

Good to Know

Practice of non-violent sports activities (walking, swimming, gymnastics gentle yoga…).

Watching your diet and your weight gain during pregnancy is vital, a balanced diet will help the healthy development of your baby because it draws in your blood essential elements to its growth (vitamins, minerals…)

Remember to prevent your employer.


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