Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week 10 Of Pregnancy: 12 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

Your nausea must begin to diminish and your frequent urination will cease. Indeed, your uterus is growing back into the abdominal cavity and frees your bladder which is now more compressed.
You can feel some pain caused by tension and stretch ligaments of the uterus.
If you have lost your appetite it will be back now, but be careful not to eat any way and watch your weight.

Your baby
It measures 6 cm and weighs about 18 g. It starts moving his head and arms but you still do not feel its movements.
His brain has grown and its nerve cells multiply very quickly.
The head is still very big compared to the rest of the body, but his face takes on a human form. The inner ear is continuing its development and external party begins to emerge.
The buds of permanent teeth emerge and bulbs hairs are starting to take shape.
The vital organs continue their development (lungs, kidneys). The liver is rather impressive; it represents 10% of total body weight and manufactures blood cells.

Good to Know
This week you'll spend your first ultrasound, when loaded with emotion because this is the first time you see your baby. It would confirm the smooth running of your pregnancy and monitor your baby's development.
If you are not immune against toxoplasmosis, a blood test is required monthly to check serology.


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