Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week 22 Of Pregnancy: 24 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


This week you may be prone to illness and feel weaker because your blood pressure decreases and your blood flow increases.
The weight of your belly is growing and will more and more difficult to bear.
The size of your kidneys has increased and they are working more and more.
A brown line may appear on your belly navel of the pubis, normal phenomenon that will disappear.

Your baby
It measures 26 cm and weighs 500 g.
Her skin has thickened. A viscous substance, vernix caseosa, protects your baby while bathing in amniotic fluid.
Her eyes are still closed but the eyelashes and eyebrows have emerged.
His immune system is being set up because his body begins to produce white blood cells.

Good to Know
Remember to sign up for a meeting for the preparation of childbirth.
You will experience some back pain, sit properly and keep you straight.
Feel free to practice a little weight lifting and swimming to relax your muscle.
To prevent dizziness caused by increasing your blood volume, do not suddenly change your position from lying to sitting or standing, and do not stay in places too hot.
Avoid the sun, consider putting a protective sunscreen cream to prevent the mask of pregnancy.


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