Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week 20 Of Pregnancy: 22 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


Your uterus is measuring 20 cm, it is the size of a melon.
You can encounter bloodstream problems and have heavy legs. Indeed, your blood volume increases by 40% to feed your baby via the placenta. Your baby grows and has therefore increasing needs.
Your thyroid gland is also very active and causes an increase your temperature, you sweat more and have hot flashes.

Your baby
It has grown and now measure 23 cm and weighs about 385 g. His head is less bulky compared to the rest of the body, he began to fit.
His brain is developing very quickly. His muscles are consolidating.
The pancreas starts to produce insulin to regulate blood sugar in the blood.
He swims in 500 cm3 of amniotic fluid and drink more and more, which may give him the hiccups.
The internal sexual organs continue their development, if it is a girl's vagina begins to form and her ovaries are already producing sexual primitive cells.

Good to Know
It is time to move to your second ultrasound, known as morphological. The doctor will examine your baby in detail in order to detect any anomalies. The examination takes about 30 minutes. If you wish, you can also find out the sex of your baby.
Think to sleep legs slightly elevated, avoid hot showers and walk at least 30 minutes a day.


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