Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week 19 Of Pregnancy: 21 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


Your belly is increasingly heavy because it has yet taken the volume. Your uterus has reached your navel. Don’t lean too backward, thing that you'll tend to be done to counterbalance the weight of your belly.
You're happy, flourishing and healthy but you always feel some chest pressure because the volume of your ribcage is reduced and you have to eliminate carbon dioxide for two.

Your baby
It measures 22 cm and weighs 350 g. It moves a lot and is increasingly active. It is capable of getting his hands or his feet and have fun with the umbilical cord.
He sleeps a lot (16 to 20 hours per day), unfortunately it was the night he wakes up. It alternates between phases of deep sleep and light sleep phases.
His immune system starts to develop.

Good to Know
Try to practice breathing exercises regularly, they will be very useful for delivery. Think also to do some exercises for your perineum, these muscle work a lot during pregnancy and during delivery.


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