Monday, August 18, 2008

21st Week Of Pregnancy: 23 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


Your diaphragm back and your stomach is up slightly on the side because the uterus magnifying moves your internal organs. It always has the size of a melon.
Your weight increases and you feel a great desire to sleep.
The leaking can occur, in fact your perineum is hard because it is impregnated with progesterone
Be careful because the fungal vaginal secretions will also increase.

Your baby
It measures about 24 cm, weighs approximately 450 grams and starts sucking his thumb.
It looks more and more like a newborn. His hair and nails continue to grow.
The placenta is definitively established and produces the necessary hormones.
The lungs continue to grow. The respiratory movements are more frequent, but still irregular.
You can now communicate and play with him because he perceives the sounds from outside.

Good to Know
Always have a balanced diet, take care not to take too much weight, weigh yourself once a week.
Beware of hemorrhoids and don’t remain constipated to avoid them.


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