Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 18 Of Pregnancy: 20 Weeks Of Amenorrhea


This is the beginning of the fifth month, your uterus has reached the level of your navel. Your breasts have also grown, their halo is darker and wider.
You feel more and more baby move because its movements are more vigorous and you can see your belly move.
You will feel in good shape but more and more momentum because your uterus reduced the volume of your ribcage. You may also sweat advantage and have some hot flashes.

Your baby
It measures 20 cm and weighs 240 g.
It moves and gives a lot of kicks.
Its growth is very fast. His muscles develop and strengthen each day, its movements are therefore increasingly intense.
He begins to respond to external stimuli as feelings begin to develop.
His fingernails are beginning to form, his skin thickens and fingerprints are already determined.

Good to Know
Consume calcium for your baby bones.
Think possibly to practice a way of preparation for childbirth, they are offered by most hospitals.
If you wish, it's time to travel.


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