Thursday, September 25, 2008

28th Week of Pregnancy


The uterus is measuring 28 cm now. It pushes your other organs magnifying making up the diaphragm and expanded last ribs. 

You may experience bloodstream varicosities problems and veins may appear on your legs because the return of blood to the heart is less well. Have some cold water on your legs. 

You may be inconvenienced if your baby was returned because it will be kicking in your chest. 

Your heart rate has accelerated (12 beats per minute). 

You will feel tired earlier in the day because you burn calories more quickly. 

Your baby 

It is possible that he’s already upside down. It measures 35 cm and weighs 1.150 kg. His body takes a more rounded. 
His lungs are approaching maturity, blood vessels are developed. The respiratory movements are well coordinated, and the pace is constant. 
It now able to regulate its temperature itself with fatty deposits. 
Hair and nails continue to grow. 
If it is a boy, the testicles are descended into the scrotum. 

Good to Know

Elevate your legs at night to facilitate the bloodstream and walk during the day to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy

You can slowly begin to prepare the room for your baby.


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