Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 24 Of Pregnancy: 26 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

You took 6 to 8 kg and your waist size has increased from 8 to 10 cm, continue to monitor your weight (no more than 400 g per week), your belly is increasingly imposing.
The uterus is about 24 cm tall. You can feel some contractions because your uterus is preparing for childbirth.
Increasing your blood volume can cause dizziness, do not rise too quickly.

Your baby
It now measured 30 cm and weighs 650 g. It moves a lot and he happens to knock the walls of the uterus.
It reacts to touch and sound, his hearing has been developed, it perceives the noise inside (heart beat, respiration) and external (voice, music…)
Her eyes are starting to open up, they are blue.
His lungs continue their development.

Good to Know
Begin slowly to establish a list of equipment you need for the arrival of your baby.
Stretch your hands on the belly and legs folded when you have contractions.


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