Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 25 Of Pregnancy: 27 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

Fatigue will begin to be felt. Your heart rate will accelerate because your uterus presses your ribcage. You'll also be less momentum.
You may have insomnia because your belly begins to interfere with you and your baby will have a pleasure to move while you try to rest.
You may suffer from constipation and recovered acids because progesterone slows digestion.

Your baby
It measures 32 cm long and weighs 750 g. Its growth slows but is much more regular basis.
The bones begin to harden and fat begins to form under his skin.
The nerves are formed and he is now able to cry.
His pace of sleep is more regular, but it is still not yours.
The brain continues its maturation and cells that compose prolonged by the axons and dendrites.

Good to Know
Your doctor will make a gynecological and obstetrical assess, it will check the movements of your baby, the height of the uterus… and will prescribe a blood test.
Continue to pay attention to your weight and especially rest.
Lie on your left side if you have a physical discomfort, they are caused by a compression of the vena cava (which ensures the circulation of blood to the heart) by your baby.


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