Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pregnancy Symptoms, What You Should Know

So far medicine has found that two methods to detect pregnancy, whether the blood or urine tests to detect the presence of the hormone gonadotropin (HCG), you may experience some symptoms of pregnancy that we say they are confirming your pregnancy without the need of a test, of course a test is better if you are not sure, but i prefer the natural way, here is some symptoms that most women will feel:

  • The cessation of he periods is the first objective sign of pregnancy, yet many women have irregular periods during early pregnancy.
  • The breasts swell and more painful, tougher and a little larger, nipples become a little curved and take a darker colour.
  • You feel more tired at night especially in the first pregnancy
  • You feel tired when you wake up
  • You may have more white losses
  • A feeling of bitterness in the stomach or the disgust of certain foods or be disgusted by odours.
  • The appetite change, some women, it decreases or on the contrary, they can’t control it.
  • Your mood swings depending on the hormonal action, and becomes more irritable and hypersensitive.


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