Friday, July 25, 2008

Week 17 Of Pregnancy: 19 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

Your uterus continues to develop and this time, your belly has finally rounded. You will no longer conceal your condition and will be proud to show it.
Your intestinal transit still works in slow motion.
You may feel an increase in your libido during the second quarter.

Your baby
It measures 19 cm and weighs 200 g and continues to move much within the amniotic cavity.
Her skin is still thin and transparent; all the capillaries that run are visible.
The nerve fibers of the spinal cord begin to surround himself with myelin( the fatty sheath that lead to nerve impulses).
Sex is now sufficiently formed and can be seen with the ultrasound.

Good to Know
It is time to renew your wardrobe, prefer trousers or skirts with elastic and adjustable height.
Eat foods rich in fiber.


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