Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 15 Of Pregnancy: 17 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

You are going to be breathless.
Your uterus has the size of a coconut.
Your hair and your nails will be more beautiful, this is due to hormones.

Your baby
It was now 16 cm from head to toe and weighs 135 g.
It moves a lot and you can feel that you are already a mother, a little patience then.
The cells are formed in each of lung lobes s but his lungs are not functioning yet, they are now filled with amniotic fluid and can be observed by there rapid and irregular movements of his chest that rises and drops to enter and expel liquid.
His hair continues to grow and it begins to grow on its skin, allowing it to maintain its body temperature constant.

Good to Know
This week you will spend your second mandatory prenatal visit during which your doctor will check weight, tension, smooth pregnancy, marital status of the cervix, blood test
Do not give up the sex, progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, stimulates desire.


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