Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 16 Of Pregnancy: 18 Weeks Of Amenorrhea

You will begin to feel your baby move.
Your uterus size is about 15 cm tall, you may feel small contractions because your uterus is in childbirth state.
You may be prone to constipation due to a slowdown of intestinal transit.
You can see the emergence of a mask of pregnancy (brown spots on the face and body) which disappears after childbirth.

Your baby
It measures 17 cm and weighs 160 g.
The ears are at their final place, his eyelids are still closed but the retina is already sensitive to outside light, it will therefore protect his eyes with his hands if it is too intense.
His body is covered with a thin duvet that fall at birth.
His intestines are starting their work.

Good to Know
Eat fiber to avoid constipation.
Protect yourself from the sun to avoid the appearance of the mask of pregnancy.


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