Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week 35 Of Pregnancy


Your uterus is measuring 33 cm and her cervix may begin to shorten.

Your body prepares for childbirth, you will feel contractions many times each day, they are not very frequent, but occur at regular intervals, during which your belly hardens.

Your baby

It now measures 45 cm and weighs 2.4 kg. He is preparing for its entry into the world and can begin its descent into your pelvis.

It continues to grow, the lanugo begins to disappear and fat accumulates under the skin.
His kicks is more and more vigorous. In the right moment he will secrete a hormone that triggers the delivery.

Good to Know

This is the last line and baby can arrive at any time. Therefore prepare your bag with things that you will need for your motherhood.

Especially sit well and practice breathing exercises and relaxation.

You can continue to have sex but know that at this stage this can trigger a delivery because semen contains hormones which act on the muscle fibers of the uterus.


Lucy Walsh said...

Excellent to see another pregnancy diary - i kept mine at parent

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