Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pregnancy Complications

Having a general view of your pregnancy is a better way to avoid some of the complications that can have a catastrophic end for you and your baby's health.

The vast majority of births take place so perfect and without any incident.

However, understanding the main complications of pregnancy can be reassuring and most importantly, helps to understand all the problems calmly to resolve as quickly as possible.


A miscarriage is to lose your baby before the 28th week. From 3 months, the risk of miscarriage has virtually disappeared.

Today, doctors have effective means to control and prevent this risk.

Detected early, the threat of miscarriage is closely monitored and in most cases resulted in a happy ending.

How to recognize a risk of miscarriage?

Constant bleeding and painful (pain identical to the rules) in the lower abdomen are signs that should alert you.

Consult your doctor immediately, it will recommend the rest (often, some women spend 3 / 4 of their pregnancy in bed which can seem unbearable. However, the game does not worth the candle?)

When the bleeding stops, the risk of miscarriage is rejected.

For the rest of your pregnancy, you are advised to remain vigilant and to allow the maximum.

The premature birth

Giving birth at 8th months is safe for your baby. It is said that at this stage your pregnancy is in term.

However, before that birth date (from 6th to 8th month) can lead to many complications for your child who has missed time to grow.

Even if the current medicine reaches can keep them alive in early premature birth (6 months), they often retain the legacy of this venue in the world too fast.

Accordingly, it is important to recognize the warning signs of premature delivery.

One major sign is the emergence of contractions your stomach is hard as "concrete" (contractions may be accompanied by pain) at regular intervals.

In this case, you should also tell your doctor to prescribe you the appropriate treatment and rest.

The Rhesus

This complication will not be a great development because it is detected during your 1st laboratory analysis.

Indeed, tests analyze your blood. If it is Rh-and the father is Rh +, you will receive the appropriate medical surveillance. This is due to the fact that a rhesus positive and negative (baby / mom can not come into contact).

Today, this complication is well known and is still treated in time therefore, do not worry!

Hope this information was useful for you and that you now know about some pregnancy complications.


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