Friday, December 12, 2008

Medicine Consumption During Your Pregnancy

You will need during your pregnancy to be more cautious than ever about the consumption of drugs. Indeed, certain substances in drugs can cross the placental barrier and seriously impair the health of your baby. 


You must renounce to the auto-treatment habitude, even in the earliest weeks of pregnancy. Indeed the main organs of baby formed during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, so taking uncontrolled drugs could have irreversible consequences on their formation. Be extremely careful, even for relatively minor things such as colds, a headache or other, always ask advice from your doctor, he's alone is able to prescribe the drug recommended in your state. No matter that drug considered inoffensive can be very dangerous during pregnancy.

If you suffer from headaches, try therefore you lengthen and put a wet washcloth on your forehead. It is often very effective!

How to treat a chronic ill during pregnancy?

If you suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and you must take regular medication, you should consult a doctor before your pregnancy. It will point to specific treatment.

During pregnancy, you must undergo treatment under the supervision of your doctor rigorously, which adapts to your medication schedule.

Attention to the drug just before delivery.

When you take a medication during pregnancy, the substance that contains pass through the placenta, then the placental barrier and then be destroyed by your metabolic system. But if you take a drug imminent at the time of delivery, the substance will not have time to pass through the placental barrier. The body of the newborn will therefore contain a product that will be extremely difficult to evacuate. Thus, the baby may have serious respiratory difficulties and even to find child care.

If the evacuation of each drug substance take few hours in the mother, it can take weeks in the newborn, it is for this reason that doctors, faced with imminent delivery, give the mother a drug which we know the antidote that will be injected to the baby at birth.

Homeopathic medicines

They may be the solution to the ills of pregnant women. However, a homeopathic treatment should also be prescribed by your doctor, even then, caution is in order.

The advantage of a homeopathic medicine is that they have no side effects. Moreover, it does not create addiction, unlike some conventional medicines, it may be of great help to heal small diseases during your pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting. It may also be very effective in relieving small depressed and anxieties that often accompany pregnancy.

Always consult your doctor before taking any medication. Indeed, a drug that had no bearing at any stage of pregnancy can be very dangerous to another stage of pregnancy.


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