Sunday, November 2, 2008

29th Week of Pregnancy


Your uterus is measuring 28 cm, it exceeds your navel about 5 cm, you get a little less than 10 kg since the beginning of your pregnancy.

You are always more and more momentum as the number of beats your heart has increased (10 to 12 more than normal).

You'll feel increasingly heavy and may suffer swelling caused by retention of water.

You feel more baby movements and they can sometimes get a little evil.

Your baby

He is now 36 cm and weighs about 1.3 kg. It slowly begins to feel cramped and not move as often as before.

He opened his eyes but the retina remains inactive, color is not definitive, it would be only a few months after birth.

He hear better and develops a sense of taste through the amniotic fluid that absorbs and which varies depending on what you eat. His digestive system is functioning normally.

Good to Know

You must place your 5th prenatal visit this week (weight, blood pressure, blood test, measuring the womb, listening to heart beat baby).

Next week will also come the time to take your third and final ultrasound, known as biometrics.


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